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UK Parliament's back for Snoopers' Charter. Former head of GCHQ talks to El Reg

james 68

There is no such thing as presumption of innocence full stop.

I discovered this 20 odd years ago when the judge quite literally told me that "innocence until proven guilty has no veracity in a court of law, the onus is upon you (that being me) to prove your innocence by disproving the statements of the police officers".

Of 9 charges being made against me, I was able to disprove 7, hell I wasn't even in the same country for 3 of them. I still got stuffed on the remaining 2 charges though, even after proving that the police were talking out their collective arses and had outright lied on a number of points and had zero physical or forensic evidence. I could not prove my location for the final 2 and was therefor charged as guilty on them.

Do not EVER presume that innocent until proven guilty is a "thing". If you do then you're just begging for false charges to be levelled against you so that some corrupt cops can fill their quota.

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