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> 1. Buy a set of keycaps for Japanese, and switch Windows language to

> Japanese (Windows 10 doesn't limit this to Ultimate editions).

> 2. Switch Windows to Japanese, but make your own keycaps. You'll need

> a printer, a sheet of printable stickers, scissors, invisible/magic/whatever

> tape (not ordinary scotch) and a free afternoon.

> 3. Switch Windows to Japanese and learn to touch type.

It doesn't work that way. You can use IME, but real Japanese Windows requires a Japanese keyboard. And Japanese keyboards are not like US/UK keyboards due to Japanese keyboards having three extra keys to toggle between kanji/hiragana/katakana glyphs and the western alphabet that are not found in US/UK keyboards (in fact, US keyboards cannot stand in for a UK keyboard, a UK keyboard has two backslash keys- one which switch into a set of symbols, which US ones lack).

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