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" Windows 7 licenses can still be bought for £8. This price point tells us it's not a huge market."

I'd have to see more about that. I seriously doubt that actual (non-pirate) MS licenses are selling for £8. If you head over to eBay, you can see that boxed Windows 7 editions with intact product keys sell for quite a bit more than that. The price has fallen since the Windows 10 upgrade period ended, but it's still considerably higher than £8.

Then there are the sellers who somehow just have a "legitimate" product key to sell, sans COA, disc, packaging, or anything else; all you'll get is a product key emailed to you. If you look at the total number of these product keys these vendors have sold, you can see it is quite a lot.

All of this is happening while MS is doing its best to promote the idea that 7 is dead. The average person has no idea that Windows 7 (in any form) is even an option now... they think 10 is all there is, and they get excited if you tell them that it is still possible to set their PC up with Windows 7. They want Windows 7, but they're not out looking for it, and the prices for Win 7 licenses in the secondary market are not reflecting the true number of people who would take 7 over 10 if they knew how to make that happen.

That would not be the case if MS itself was selling 7. If it were sitting there on shelves in computer stores like Windows 10, and if it was preinstalled on computers like Windows 10, it would be a whole different animal.

Windows 10 only sells at all because it's perceived as inevitable. If people wanted it, MS would not have had to engage in trickery to get people take it for free. Side by side with Windows 7 as a commercial product, it wouldn't have a chance. The name "Windows 10" is at least as toxic as "Windows Vista" or "Windows 8" were in their respective time frames, and deservedly so.

If MS itself was selling 7, that would not be the case. There is a lot of demand for 7 that's not being

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