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People seem wed to the idea that Microsoft alternates good and bad releases,

Depending on how you view 8.1, they broke that - 8 utter shit, 8.1 shit (but maybe the "good" one because it was supposedly better than 8), and 10 being worse still, and continuously bad with forced updates that so often break stuff. On and there's 10 A&E, breaking even more stuff badly. So really for the last 3 (4 counting A&E) they've just release shit apon shit. Like a diaretic drunkard.

but overblown reports of failures (frequently at users' own fault) allowed haters to pile hate on it.

Really? So those people who have their machines break after forced updates (including the recent one that broke powershell and the remedy instructions from MS - "use POWERSHELL to uninstall the update that broke powershell coz we are to busy fixing other fuckups to get on to it just now") are somehow at fault, even though the updates are FORCED and they cannot do anything to stop it, maybe not even delay it? Maybe it's their fault for expecting their hardware to keep working? Or expecting to be able to use their machines for stuff they want? Expecting to let a long job complete without a random reboot? Expecting to be able to play a game without the machine rebooting? Maybe they're at fault for expecting settings to remain as they want them? Or for expecting to turn their machines on and find the same software it had yesterday?

Just what of these is the users fault? What of the great many reported breakages is the users fault?

And just how much are you being paid by MS to spout this drivel?

(You might accuse me of being paid by "Linux" to say what I say - and you'd be right, I am. I am paid in having my machine work, without issue unless I screw something up or hardware fails. I'm paid in having it do what I tell it to, without changing just because I did an update. I'm paid in not having to worry about updates breaking it. And I am paid in being able to keep my sanity and integrity).

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