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Seems to be the case with Linux, OSX, Android and iOS as well. If this is standard industry practice, why point at Microsoft?

The difference is simply that all the others actually test their patches etc before they send them out. Sure, sometimes there's a problem, something gets missed, but that's relatively rare.

With Windows 10 it's every few weeks that hardware gets killed (eg recently web cams (though I think they did people a favour there!), or settings get wiped, software that MS doesn't like (sorry, "does not reccommend") gets removed on a whim (sorry, "to help protect you from yourself because you didn't really want to run that expensive top-of-the-line program when our nasty utter shite rubbish does almost the same job, except it only lacks 90% of the functionality)

FWIW, I didn't have problems with upgrading to 10. Not on my phone, not on my wife's archaic netbook, not on my desktop, and not on the corporate laptop. I can understand user frustration, but other than some specialized corner cases, most of them should have no problems with Windows 10. And overblowing specialized uses to cover the entire market is silly.

Yes. All those people from home users to enterprise level, from grans who barely know where the power switch is to long-term computer professionals are wrong because you got it right. Did you ever stop to think that with the numbers given, perhaps you are a "specialized corner cases" and the others - the ones who have all the problems with WinX, are the norm?

Or perhaps M$ are paying you to believe that. Or drugging you. Or something. Can they actually pay you enough?

(hey M$, I'm out of a job atm. How'd ya like to have a hard-core Linux geek suddenly start singing WinX's praise? Give me a call will ya? I come cheap, you should be able to buy me for oh, maybe 50,000/wk to speak good of your shit)

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