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Easy fix for Windows Update stalling on Win7

I've had a few goes at making Windows Update work on a Windows 7 SP1 fresh install in the last year or so and always got there eventually (starting from the MS DVD of Win 7 Pro 64 SP1) but it's been very tedious, very hit and miss. But all that is fixed for now.

Some kind contributor on here (pschonaut) suggested that the essentials are simply a fresh SP1 install plus manually downloaded and installed copies of



And indeed it seems to do the trick for me, remarkably quickly and with remarkably little hassle.

Once installed, obviously ensure the update selection is "important updates only" (optional updates are not welcome) and off you go. It just works.

Thank you pschonaut.

If any kind people out there want to ensure this info is propagated across stackexchange and the blogiverse etc (ideally after checking that it works for you too, and also reducing the Win10 usage figures even further), that would be very much appreaciated (in userland if not in Redmond).

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