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People seem wed to the idea that Microsoft alternates good and bad releases, starting with Windows 95 (bad), followed by OSR2 (good), 98, 98 OSR2, Me, XP (conveniently forgetting that 2000 was better, even if it didn't have all that eye candy), Vista, 7 and it becomes a blur afterwards.

It was easy to hate 8, and 8.1 didn't help out much. I guess Windows 10 was overhyped, people were expecting it to be the new XP. It kind of is (it runs faster than 7 or 8), but overblown reports of failures (frequently at users' own fault) allowed haters to pile hate on it.

Now, a year ago I thought Windows 10 was shit based on all the articles I read. I was using Linux wherever I could, including on my work PC, until I was told in no uncertain terms that I have to switch to officially supported Windows. While I wasn't happy about it and I wanted to make life at corporate IT support as hard as I could and maybe try to claw back to Linux, I also came to Windows with an open mind and decided to give it a chance.

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