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An argument lost

I work primarily on a Mac and have done since 1985. I still have to use a Windows computer for certain tasks since many very specialized applications and some mainstream CAD programs are only available to run under Windows. I also use Linux for embedded work.

One of the arguments that I hear about using Apple hardware is that it's not upgradeable but it seems like a new socket comes out once a month for PC architecture CPU's making processor upgrades on PC's impossible. Now the CPU's are going to be slaves to a version of Windows.

I'm going to need to add a few PC's to backup inventory so I can keep using W7. I can't afford to spend another £7500 to upgrade applications to W10 and I find the UI to be a PIA. Maybe when W12 rolls out it will be usable again. Every time M$ tries to reinvent the OS, they fall flat on their face. I don't think that they understand how much money it costs to retrain an office full of staff and to deal with bugs slowing things down for the first 6 months after a major release.

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