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"But I don't believe real (intelligent) people really like Windows 10. It's only the ones that think they got something for nothing using it anyway."

I was thinking something like that as well, that a preponderance of millenials actually *LIKE* Win-10-nic [seeing nothing wrong with the adware/spyware/flatso/metro/start-thing], perceive it as "another freebie", and are just busy searching for more gummint handouts on the weekends [and thus the traffic shows it].

after all, the millenials have been CONDITIONED ALL OF THEIR LIVES to expect a free lunch, instead of doing what prior generations have done, i.e. GET A JOB so you can BUY IT.

What I like is the latest STATCOUNTER, which shows a DIP in Win-10-nic, and a BUMP in Win 7, even across a weekend!

numbers don't lie, yeah.

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