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@Mage wow, so many wrong statements in that trolling post

"their greed is now clearly exposed" - Please list the large multinational companies that don't try to minimize the amount of taxes they owe/pay.

"less evil kind to Google and Facebook" - From your first few paragraphs it sounds like you are practically equating Apple to Hitler's more evil twin, but Google and Facebook are worse? Care to share with us your evilness scores for various companies and historic/fictional figures like Hitler and Satan so we understand the degrees of evil you are able to divine?

"They don't spend very much on real R&D" - Apple's R&D budget is over $10 billion. That BILLION with a 'B'. That's more than the revenue of most companies. Or is it somehow not "real R&D" to you if it is Apple doing it? If so, what do you consider real R&D, and which companies are doing it?

"Most of their innovations are bought in" - that's true for most companies. You didn't think Microsoft invented DOS, Word or Excel, did you? I guess they invented Windows, but only after they'd had a look at the Mac once Apple had figured out how to take a GUI out of the lab (which they compensated Xerox for in terms of stock options, and saw with their permission) and work it into something ordinary people could use rather than the PhDs who used Xerox's Alto prototype. The only thing Google invented was search, they've bought in everything else from Android to Maps to their advertising network that actually makes all their money. And they didn't even invent search, they just invented the 'page rank' algorithm that made search better (well until SEOs found it was easy to game by creating link farms)

"Where do they pay any tax on profits?" - they pay full whack on all their profits in the US, and are the largest single taxpayer in the US. More than Wall Street banks, oil companies, retailers like Walmart, and so on. US law doesn't require them to pay taxes on overseas profits until they bring the money home, and they haven't brought the money home. They arranged things overseas in an advantageous fashion for them to minimize the taxes they pay there, just as almost all large multinationals do. They make more money than any publicly traded company in the world, so they are an obvious target when tax authorities decide to start overturning couch cushions looking for more money.

"Cosmetic badge operation" - yeah, they should make everything in the US like all these other US based consumer electronics companies do like Samsung er I mean Panasonic er I mean Lenovo er....oh wait US companies...I know Dell, nope guess again, IBM, nope guess again, Microsoft, nope guess again...

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