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I'm more curious to know why there was an NetMarketshare upsurge in XP in July?

Was it retro month and nobody told me?

If that's just down to "statistical error", the magnitude of change for Win 7, 8 and 10 aren't far outside that either.

Personally, I finally ended up with Win 10 thanks to a new laptop, I've only had it as a VM before now for software testing. I'm not greatly impressed. Classic shell improved things, mainly by getting the start menu back to a Win 7 style desktop and not a tablet inspired frenzy of tiles (Microsoft, just give up, Metro was a failure, just remove all traces, at least from desktop installs!). I've had more than a few BSOD thanks to drivers exploding (wasn't that supposed to have been fixed in Win 7?), and the damn desktop icons keep sorting and aligning themselves to the left, even when all those options are turned off. Alarmingly I found reports of this bug dating back to 2015 in the betas.

And yes, that bar graph is hideous.

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