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*Headlines You'll Never See: EU Commission Investigates Luxembourg*

You do have to wonder at what kind of alternative reality so many morally superior commentards are living in. So let's try some facts. The first duty of Business is to stay in business. The first duty of Government is to govern in its citizens' best interests. Shareholders are entitled to play hell when a company fails to legally minimize its tax burden. Citizens are entitled to play hell when a Government fails to make the country in which they live, open to business.

Apple has some of the brightest and best in-house legal and taxation counsel in the world because it pays them some of the biggest salaries in the world. Governments -- in this case, the Irish Government -- can afford no such expenditure. So . . along comes Apple armed with news of loopholes which regulatory agencies have been too stupid / too lazy to close. And along comes the Irish government, which now that it has been alerted to the existence of such loopholes, must decide whether to close 'em and drive business away or leave 'em open and continue on as before.

Finally. . . along comes an unelected self-serving hubristic bunch of empire-building clowns seeking to butt in on the sovereign decisions of a sovereign state -- the self same "Commission" that, surprise, surprise, continues to do nothing about the blatant abuses institutionalised in another member state called, er, Luxembourg, which happens to have, um, a certain linkage to an obscure bloke who goes by the name of Jean-Claude Juncker.

Well: who'd a-thought it?

The sheer idiocy of the Commission's behaviour really doesn't surprise, even if it'll take some beating, not least its "finding" that Apple must repay $13 billion in back taxes to, er. . . who? Mr Juncker? Apple certainly can't pay it to the Irish Government because it has never earned anything there that's remotely like the gross qualifying figure for a $13 billion bill. The Irish Government cannot "collect" the $13 billion because under international law it has no authority to do so. The EU Commission cannot collect the $13 billion either, because though the EU elilte would dearly like the world to believe that they're in charge of a sovereign State. . . they ain't.

As one of those who voted Leave on June 23rd because I've grown sick, weary and tired of a faux country with its 'national' flag, 'national' anthem, multiple 'Presidents', multiple 'Parliaments', overseas 'embassies', 'national' currency and dreams of a 'national' army, it's delicious to see yet another nail being self-hammered into the EU coffin . . .

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