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Then the journalists at the Financial Times are commies?

Good to know.

It's funny how for a certain type of "useful idiot" that anybody who wants the rules of the *capitalist* system to be fairly applied must be a *communist*. That makes *loads* of sense.

Iexit? As someone who lives in Ireland. Not a chance. I can assure you we watched the farce that was Brexit with amazement and buttered popcorn. I visited Britain just before the referendum and nearly every man-on-the-street wanted out but for the most ludicrous of reasons that we here in Ireland could see as baloney. Now that we've seen the fallout and backtracking on the £350,000,000 there's not a hope in hell of Iexit being tabled. Granted the € has its problems but I expect that over time there'll be more integration, not less. And that's not a bad thing, that's called economic reality.

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