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The market has segmented:

a) "Consumers" have moved/are moving to phones and tablets.

b) "Creaters" are staying with the PC Platform.

Therefore: Windows, on the PC Platform, should be optimised for "Creaters".

Redmond are delusional if they think they can recapture the "Consumer" market with their latest desktop bloatware.

The "Consumer" boat sailed a long time ago:

The PC Platform is reverting to a "niche retail market".

That will leave "Apple Stores" and "Phone Stores" in the Retail Parks.

The "Repair Shops" in the suburban strip-malls will increasingly "fail-over" over to Linux unless Redmond changes direction.

The "Dumbing Down" of the desktop to make it more "User Friendly" has made the desktop less efficient/productive.

The move from Mouse+Keyboard to Touch is not a productivity gain for businesses unless they are employing low-skill "screen monkeys" i.e. cash register operators and managers.

Redmond appears to be a classic case of "Managers" becoming detached from business reality.

No wonder the "tech sector" increasingly relies upon the Share Buyback Scam to keep afloat.

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