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It's going to be very interesting to see what happens. The post "free upgrade" period has yet to show in any monthly statistics. The masses of people who we know were continually rolling back to 7 were more than balanced by the new upgraders (as shown in the continuous increase in 10 market share). Now, though, there won't be very much upgrading, but the rolling back to 7 could still be going on unimpeded.

If you'd bought Windows 7 licenses by the thousands when they were at their cheapest, you could make a fortune now. Microsoft's most popular and in-demand product is one they refuse to sell.

We all have seen the stories about the PC industry being in a state of decline, and MS is not helping. The perceived inevitability of 10 undoubtedly serves to convince some people to get off the Windows platform entirely, and a lot are not ready to embrace Linux.

I'll never use 10 in its current form, and the odds that it will improve enough to make it usable seem to be exceedingly remote (it's getting worse, not better). Fortunately, I am not one who is unwilling to embrace Linux, but it's disheartening to see MS destroying the Windows platform that many people equate with PCs.

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