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Cooky crumbles: Apple mulls yanking profits out of Europe and into US


I'm pretty sure

I read an article on this very tome, that quite convincingly argued that corporation tax is a stupid idea - and that this type of mess is what happens in the transition (and EU was setup to assist in pushing it down to zero).

When you buy your device you pay tax where you bought it (e.g. VAT), then the people who made this possible pay tax (income tax on the Irish/UK/wherever employees) and finally the company should pay tax through their shareholders (you get a dividend, or sell your shares, you pay your local tax on your profits in the same way you would on any other income).

Taxing a company for having more money in the bank just seems bizarre. A company isn't a person, despite some countries best-effort in making a corporation such an entity (yes, I read that book).

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