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As to the EU wanting to control every country... yup, they do, thats one reason to get out of it.

If by 'control every country', you mean have everyone play by the same rules, then yes. There has, however, been an awful lot of misinformation about what the EU does. That playing by the same rules applies to things like making sure that nobody cheats on trade rules and making sure that people respect the ECHR*, which is not a piece of EU legislation, but being a signatory to it is a prerequisite to EU membership. The ECJ** is the body that enforces this. Very few of our laws are 'dictated from Brussels' despite what loudmouthed bigots like Mr Farage would have you believe by shouting made-up statistics at you.

Incidentally, if you were to read the ECHR (in summary it's actually a fairly short document, so I'd advise everyone to do so), you might start to wonder why certain right-of-centre politicians are so dead keen on us not being a signatory to it, especially when you consider that it was largely British lawyers who drafted it in the first place to put in place a legal framework to prevent a repeat-play of the stuff that went on in the 1930s and '40s (and before that some of the stuff that the good old British Empire got up to too).

*The European Convention on Human Rights, not to be confused with the European Court of Human Rights, which upholds the Convention.

**European Court of Justice.

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