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Tim Cook: EU lied about Apple taxes. Watch out Ireland, this is a coup!

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So Apple, which employs people, makes things of value that people want, is greedy

Yes, greedy, when it doesn't pay the same taxes on its profits as other companies based and operating in the EU. Nothing to do with 'leftism', and more to do with ensuring that all businesses play on a level field, and there is no cheating and collusion between multinationals and governments (AKA, in this case, state aid).

It is a fundamental requirement for all parties operating in a shared market to play by the same rules, otherwise the market is asymmetrical and doesn't work. IMHO, the EU is quite right in enforcing this. After all, that's what all those treaties everyone signed were all about, and in the long run, everyone does better if we cooperate rather than compete, due to the obvious* efficiencies gained from doing so.

*It should be fairly obvious to anyone with a brain that if you have 20 odd countries all doing the same thing, it is more efficient to do it once for all 20 with unified rules, rather than 20 times with a whole slew of rules and bureaucrats to make them work together

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