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So assuming that's right, what have they been paying British tax payers in terms of corp tax? If Facebook paid less than I did in 2014, wtf did Apple pay?

According to the FT in the past ten years Apple have paid £85m in corporation tax in the UK. ICBA to go back and work out what UK sales have been over the past decade, but I'd hazard a guess that we're talking about something of the order of £20bn. With net margins of around 22% that's say £4.4bn in profit. So at the UK 20% rate, one might surmise they should have paid over £880m in UK taxes.

That's a rough as a bear's bottom, but in order of magnitude terms it will do, and indicates that they paid less than a tenth of what a UK-based company would find itself paying. However, in amongst the finger wagging at the Irish government, it should be noted that this isn't just the Irish government who are complicit - the UK tax authorities have known all along that Apple make far more money here than they pay tax on, but have turned a blind eye to the extremely dodgy transfer pricing, just as they have with Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon and others.

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