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SpaceX's used flight-proven rocket to loft Euro satellite this year

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

wanted a 50 per cent discount on the flight price

Phew, that was asking a lot. Surely all they really needed was a reduction in cost by the extra the insurers are sure to charge and, say, another 20% off since the 1st stage is, as someone mentioned further up, "pre-loved".

If it all goes horribly wrong, then they get the insurance payout and since this is rockets we a re talking about, you alway work on the assumption that it might go bang in the wrong place and have a plan B ready for another, later launch attempt with a new payload.

On the other hand, if it all goes well, the whole world is going to be watching and no doubt the commentators will keep on mentioning the SES satellite that was the first ever successful launch on a "flight proven" rocket.

Whatever happens, I shall be watching with bated breath and pint or two of the fizzy brown stuff.

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