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Because it's the law. The government decided.

Here you in Ireland you don't, though they want to introduce it, including

It's NOT a BBC Licence, they just happen to get most (but not all) the revenue. In the old BPO days when the Posts & Telegraph folk controlled everything, the BBC only got 2/3rds. It's a Television receiving apparatus licence. There used to be a loop hole where if you lived some place with no TV signals except foreign satellite (before BSB), you could get an exemption.

In the 1980s my company removed tuners from TVs so they could be sold as monitors not requiring a licence, for home computers etc, though one licence covers a household.

I think S4C gets some of the money. Does C4 get any?

A similar arrangement exists in many countries, though often part of the money is set aside for locally made TV for any local channel.

People are paying £300 to £600 a year for pay TV and then watching 92% free content on it, yet complain about the TV licence? Baffling.

Governments can tax whatever they like.

You should see what percentage of Road Tax and Fuel tax goes on roads. Tolls and Road Tax are totally stupid taxes. Simply taxing fuel would be more efficient, fairer and save consumer money for same revenue raised.

Lots of taxes make no sense. Like Corporation tax. Tax the actual human beneficiaries.

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