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Regressive tax

Regardless of your view of the BBC, as a national treasure or a state goliath destroying the free market for media, can we at least agree that it disproportionately costs the poor while benefitting the rich?

If I buy a TV (as a large screen monitor) in order to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime, why do I have to tell some spotty oik in Currys my address? Why does some public employee then use that address to check if I have a BBC license (let's not call it a TV license, eh?) and send me threatening letters non-stop and then try to use legally dubious tactics to access my property to see if I'm 'stealing' the BBC?

And, while I"m on a rant, why do BBC radio listeners get a free ride? Those free-loading pirates living it large off the back of artists and TV watchers. Seen from afar one could call this class warfare where the poor pay for the rich...

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