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@Telwaz - y'know it's often made me wonder whether the people - and the men in particular - in cultures were women are expected to cover up so thoroughly realise that what it's saying to the rest of the world is 'our men are so weak-minded that they can't control themselves sufficiently to behave civilly if there is more than just feamle faces and hands on display'. What makes it almost funny is that these are generally cultures with a hugely 'macho' attitude, yet they can't see that they're presenting themselves as having about the level of self control of an young western culture lad that's just hit puberty.

It's a crying shame that that kind of thing has become identified, in many peoples minds, with a major religion, because it is NOT a requirement of Islam - and indeed there are Muslim cultures where women are not expecte dto cover-up so extensively, plus if you look at photos of women in many Middle Eastern cities from the 50's and 60's you'll see a quite different scene to nowadays, women looking fairly westernised, aside from wearing headscarves way more often than Westerners do. I wouldn't have any problems wearing a headscarf so as not to offend local mores if I visited a country where that was the norm for women, but any place that expects women to cover-up entirely isn't going to be seeing my tourist money.

The irony of men with so little self-control (as those where they expect women to fully cover-up) then going on to be control freaks where their female relatives are concerned is beyond parody, out the other side, and well into sinister territory. Time for them to grow up and join the civilised world IMO. Most folk wouldn't think adolescents should be allowed to run entire countries, so why do some think it's OK to run a country with people with an adolescent mindset?

As the late, great Dave Allen said 'Go in peace, and may your god, go with you'.

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