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And don't forget FreeBSD. I'm doing some (volunteer) work on FBSD 11 RC1 for the RPi at the moment, trying to address an issue I discovered with the GPIO pins (not as an official commit guy, but as someone who reported a bug, got into a discussion over it, and am now attempting to implement a kernel driver that someone recommended as a solution).

The fact is, there are SEVERAL operating system choices for the RPi. And Windows 10 "light" won't do ANYTHING for you other than "do windows things".

Last I checked, "the Store" was FULL OF [CR]APPS. Nothing worth using.

Now, ANDROID on an RPi might actually make SENSE. But _NOT_ Win-10-nic.

And the author's general opinion of 'not being ready for prime time' (essentially) is just ONE of those things that SHOULD make your anus pucker up if some clueless manager at your company says "Hey, there's a version of WINDOWS that runs on a Raspberry Pi!" and wants YOU to implement it...

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