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"Its too low powered for most proper computing tasks "

Can't agree I'm afraid - it's certainly limited but for running one or 2 applications i can't fault it.

I'm running 4 routinely and 6 in all. All running Debian desktops via VNC

1. is a web/motion-sensitive/streaming cam - also running a web-server for domestic use - addresses, recipes, notes etc.

2. is a backup fileserver and sshd portal - ethernet connected to the router and also used as a web-proxy back to the UK when traveling.

3. is for hardware experiments with a break-out connection board

4. spent the summer (May-Aug) in Saas-Fee taking a photo every 5 minutes & joining them into a .mp4 file.

5. Travels with the laptop. An ethernet cable and USB/USB cable to power it from the laptop works great.

I don't stress them but I find they've been completely reliable Even running a desktop and streaming from the webcam (800x600, wifi, 3 fps) I find Pi1 ( a Pi B) is using little memory (~140MB) and running at ~8% cpu usage, for example.

A test spreadsheet (which recalculates 400000 sines ) which takes < 0.5 secs on this i7 takes ~7 seconds on a Pi.

I don't suppose I'll be doing any video editing but I'd certainly use it for developing a directory of RAW images in the background.

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