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EU verdict: Apple received €13bn in illegal tax benefits from Ireland

John Crisp

Screw them

Sorry.... where do I sign up for such nice corporate tax rates ? My company (and me and my employees cos they earned it as well) would really appreciate it thank you.

Instead a few more lawyers will be upgrading their islands after the blood dries.

I know the arguments about where you pay taxes is irrelevant (I miss my weekly lesson in economics from Mr Worstall)

But it misses the point of what is construed as 'fair'. I don't mind paying tax, as long as it is on a relatively equal footing.

What pisses me off is some can buy their way to better rates than others, and get much richer in the process.

So screw Apple, MS$, Feckbook, Goggle et al. Play fair and stop screwing us.

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