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Apple don't have to do a thing, for the time being, it's the Irish government who are spending the money.

Only after the Irish government has either lost, given in, or run out of money to pursue the appeal against the decision and actually charged Apple the 13bn will Apple then spend money to appeal against the Irish government.

This one could run and run.

Of course, there's one other thing - if Apple do get charged 13bn in Ireland, they'll declare it as a loss to offset taxes in the US, so they won't lose the entire amount, and the US won't like that, as their tax take (40% of 13bn is 5.2bn) would be reduced, fairly appreciably, so they'll want to wade into the action. Fun days all round. We thought it was a protracted affair when one company sued another, add in nation states and probably our grandchildren will be watching the outcome of this.

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