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Europe to order Apple to cough up 'one beeellion Euros in back taxes'

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Re: "We’re not going to bring it back until there’s a fair rate."

Nothing to do with TIPP.

Why should big International companies decide how much tax to pay? Governments decide. The small or purely national company is at a disadvantage.

Tim Cook: Your company is one of the most greedy, but at least you are not as exploitive of privacy as some of the other greedy companies.

Why is Apple's profit margin nearly x4 on a phone and where are you paying tax and how much?

I've no sympathy. Shame on the Irish Government too, "aiding" one of the most profitable and successful companies on the planet. Lots of very profitable multinationals don't pay any more tax % or even less than Apple in Ireland by using different schemes. Mostly involving the Bahamas which are a UK controlled parasite.

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