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Agree. There is just no reason to push Windows on every user today. If the user wants Windows, great, but PCs should work the same way as smartphones. Give the users a choice of an iPhone, a few Android devices, maybe a BB, and then use EMS software to manage the diverse fleet of devices. It makes no sense that every company does that with smartphones, but most still mandate Windows version x.xx for the PCs.... They are all just end user compute devices, treat them all the same. Give people a budget of $600 and then allow them to pick from a variety of Chromebooks and Linux machines (with really awesome specs because you don't have to pay for the OS) and Windows machines with worse specs at the same price. Point being, PCs should be user choice within a budget. The exact same way that corporate managed smartphones are today. The only argument to make PCs different is "that is the way we have done it", ie laziness.

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