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NHS slaps private firm Health IQ for moving Brits' data offshore


An international cabal has gabbed hold of the official records of governments and individuals held in trust by governments. USA lost control in the COUP OF 2002 when Congress defunded any real internal audit controls, criminal investigations and SEC also as contracting out became the norm and an international maze of shell companies and illegal secret del partnerships took control . as governments contracted out systems work rather than hiring in house civil servant programmers and paying them a larger salary as they once did. Off shoring expected to be completed as soon as he Trans Pacific Asia Partnership treaty is passed by all nation. ONE PERSON ON ONE SERVER WILL SOON BE ABLE TOCONTROL EVERY PERSON , ENTITY AND NATION IN THE WORLD AND DO IT IN A PLACE NO GOVERNMENT CAN ARREST.ONE NOT STOP IT :Absolute power corrupts absolutely and should never be done. THIS IS NOT A WORLD GOVERNMENT BY A one world beast system that answers to not human government .

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