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I would pay again to get another ten years' support for Windows 7, so long as it was support in the same manner it has been all along for Windows 7, not the new Windows 10 type.

I would not (and did not) take Win 10 for free. I am far from alone in this!

If MS really wanted to make a pile of money quickly and revitalize (to a degree, at least) the PC industry, they'd do something like that. A Windows 7 re-release with the old style updates and only minimal new features (Kaby Lake support, that sort of thing, but not Cortana, UWP, or the MS Store) would be a hit. But then they'd be back to supporting traditional Windows for 10 more years, and it doesn't look like Microsoft's plans for "the last version of Windows ever" include it being Windows as we have known it for that long.

What it looks like to me is that they're planning to reshape Windows into a thin-client frontend for their cloud services for their enterprise customers rather than a full-on general-purpose operating system as it has been. Those of us in non-enterprise-land would be cut loose, though MS would still extol the virtues of all of their most wonderful cloud services that we can use from whatever platform we end up on. "Closing time! You don't have to go home, but you can't... stay... here."

Seriously, what else explains how hard they seem to be trying to alienate us while trying to "monetize" us short term? The aggression MS has shown its SOHO and home users doesn't make sense if you think that MS wants to keep them as customers. It only begins to make sense (to me) if I consider that MS plans to pull out of the general-purpose OS market anyway, so a last-ditch attempt to monetize Windows users and get them onto the cloud subscription plan doesn't have any downside.

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