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So, AC works for Microsoft.. Nobody else would push such a link (which BTW is broken)

There are a couple of subtle differences.

1. The significant majority of DoD systems would not be able to connect to the Internet (i.e. no access at all, rather than access via a firewall as would be in most corporates, so a very different threat level to an "average company")

2. Regulatory issues do not seem to apply to Government in the same way it does to to ordinary companies. For example, I can't imaging a case where they need customers credit card details or would get pulled up for non compliance with SoX or similar.

3. Microsoft doesn't listen to ordinary companies - I know, I've represented very large companies regarding large defects in the OS and was told that unless (an un-achievable number) of people were affected, then no change would happen and a generic "might be in the next version" woolly promise that never comes true. If that's for very large corporates then what hope is there for ordinary sized businesses.

4. I strongly expect that this is not a 100% vanilla release of Windows, unlike the rest of the world will be forced to use.

You claim "its not been designed to break industry guidelines where windows is dominant". Perhaps you would elaborate on how all other companies (from single traders, through small business and up to large enterprise are supposed to comply with the legislation i mentioned previously when they have virtually no control over the OS and its got all that slurping going on that Microsoft won't even come clean on:

a. What is being logged

b. What purpose its being logged for

c. Giving one large on/off switch for when the USER DECIDES if they want this or not.

So, apples and oranges compared to what you claim in your anonymous response.

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