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Nope, no way, no how.

My policy for Windows 10: Don't, as long as possible, and minimise change elsewhere as well to keep the wheels turning on legacy systems (and yes Oracle 9, Forms and Portal, Flash, Reader and Java6, I *really* do want rid of you all).

I am committed to Windows 7 until 2018 at the earliest for my estate (1000+) not because I hate it (I use at home on my games boxen), but because I cannot afford the project to re-image the fleet for no return whatsoever.

I am also not willing to let my Windows admin waste time finding and understanding all the changes that need to be made to policy to retain the control we want (as opposed to what Microsoft believe we need). We have a brief look and it looks like more of a mess (as in my admins have less say over profile creation, while having nearly 10 times as many controls) than the move from XP to 7.

Seriously hoping my next refresh can be moved out to 2020 and feature a thin client "desktop in the cloud" solution: then I can retire before I do something silly, (like, for instance, roll out Win10v3...).

YMMV obviously

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