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That's because you're not working in the consumer sphere, where configurations aren't so hard and fast

Yes I am. I was supporting GNU/Linux desktops before RH decided that there was no business there. Whilst I do fewer now than at my peak, I'll wager I still support far more end-users than you do.

Configurations might not be "hard and fast" - there is significant variation between each site I attend - but that has not been simplified by systemd in the slightest; the contrary is actually true, since SysV is far more discoverable, since it supports tab-completion properly.

Not so easy when your monitor may be hooked up to a USB adapter and manufacturers aren't so forthcoming.

If you've got a reasonable river, that just works. If you haven't got a driver, it doesn't. Replacing SysV with systemd is entirely orthogonal to that situation; if it work with the latter, it will work with the former,.

Why do you think Valve has such a hard time getting game developers to code for Linux despite having such a strong distribution system in Steam?

I don't know. I don't follow Valve's affairs. But I can guarantee you that a lack of systemd has nothing to do with it, although I could believe that systemd's pervasion throughout the assorted subsytems of the OS might put some off.


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