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Systemd adds filesystem mount tool

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"And, as systemd grows ever more bloated, that becomes less and less useful. Pointing at a box and saying "the problem is somewhere in that computer" tells you nothing; only by dissecting the problem can you eliminate it. If you can't divide the monolith wherein lies the issue, there's a limit to what you can do about it."

You get the same problem the other way. If you divide every little thing, you end up with a chain with a bunch of weak links that aren't very obvious maintained by people who may not be there anymore and you may not be in a position to go it alone.

"Even if that situation were to arise - and it's hypothetical, not real - systemd doesn't help you one little bit. You've still got a complex set of components, you've merely obfuscated the startup mechanism."

But at least you know who to complain to when things go wrong.

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