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If that were true, why are there constant complaints about things breaking?

There aren't. There are claims of such from people who would replace SysV. I've a zero breakage on any machine I own or control. And I don't know anyone who has.

The one complaint you *can* throw against SysV is that it is quite slow. Yes, it is. It's a synchronous start. That really doesn't bother me in the slightest.

What I see is a bunch of bodges on top of bodges

Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. What I see is a tried-and-tested system that works effectively and doesn't need to subsume every other system in the OS.

which is why things keep breaking.

Says you. Those of us who have done this for a living for many years don't see things breaking unless someone has been dibbling with them - as is the case for NetworkManager, PulseAudio, and systemd. I'll find the common cause there one day...


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