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I joined in 84 (QLR infantry) , the SLR and GPMG was used in initial basic training but we were all on conversion courses for L85 and the absolute joke of an LSW. I was given the section LSW until I made lance jack and it was a fucking terrible weapon. I believe most of the shitness has been ironed out now (by replacing it with another weapon), the worst being the magazines, you simply couldn't load 30 rounds as the springs weren't good enough to be reliable. 25 at most and with an LSW that is just rubbish- no belt feeds here. The barrels were heavy and the whole weapon was front heavy, the rear handle dug into your ribs constantly, the bipod would fly open at a random times and of course you had plenty more cleaning to do over the regular L85. Gas parts were always on fully open as they gummed up pretty rapidly and I know of two people who put the gas parts in their L85 upside down (thus killing the rifle).

The only decent thing about the L85 was accuracy in single shot and the SUSAT. You could engage at 600m accurately, 300m was a cinch. Sneak the bipod down on the range and it was centre line at 300m all the way - even with your respirator on :) I certainly had no issues on the range qualifying with the LSW, they only problems I ever had was using it as a support weapon - even when you got used to loading 25 rounds and having your magazines lined up, you still couldn't keep a decent volume of fire down.

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