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"Maybe you have heard of this system, it's called 'justice'" It may be called the justice system but it is fallible. The level of proof required for a conviction is quite high. Which means that some guilty people are found not guilty. The victims in those cases will probably tell you they have not received justice.

There is always going to be trade off between finding people who have committed a crime 'not guilty' and stopping innocent people from being convicted. It seems that currently the balance is set so that few innocents are convicted which means quite a few guilty are found not guilty. I think many/most people agree that this is an appropriate balance.

Unfortunately some crimes are committed and there is little if any evidence.

This case certainly seems a worrying precedence. I wonder if we were in court at the original trial or on the jury what we'd think of the court Order.

n.b. In Scotland you can have verdicts of Not Guilty, Guilty and Not Proven!

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