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"I love the BSDs but sadly for many it won't be a suitable replacement yet "

I've used FreeBSD for a long time. There are often "linuxy" things written into applications by people who believe that ALL open source operating systems are linux, and have things like systemd running (etc.). So the 'ports' maintainers have to write patches and workarounds for things to compensate. Dbus was one of those patched things, and has had issues with file mounting because of it. gnome wants to mount that file system because you plugged it in, dammit, regardless of what YOU want, and oh you configured it NOT to, so it's not on the desktop... yet you still have to use 'umount -f' to unmount because, DBus.

so yeah, linuxy things being assume/done in the design, ports maintainers have to patch it, does not always work perfectly afterwards.

and this goes back to adding a mount utiltiy to systemd...

WHAT is going to happen on SYSTEMS THAT DO NOT USE SYSTEMD??? Are the desktop people just going to ASSUME that systemd is tehre, and invoke it's version of the mount utility on your behalf?

I hope not.

(smiling daemon logo 'cause I'm on FreeBSD at the moment)

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