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Actually the point of the UNIX philosophy

"Proprietary Unix is on its last legs and the BSDs are woefully lacking development resources."

Well one of the beautiful things about the UNIX philosophy is that it allows you to get lots of bang for the buck. While the BSD people might only have very little resources, they can simply spend it on their operating system.

I mean systemd is mostly about wasting programmers lives. Things like "binary log files" not only need code to generate those files, but also code to read and fix those files. On contrast, text based files can be simply written with basic programming language features, features you need anyhow. They can be read with any software that reads text. Having everything as text saves you from having to have lots and lots of specialized code. I know that, because in a previous job I have written a small unixoid operating system. It's amazing how far you can get with just a simple text editor, a file system and a simple shell.

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