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I think we are trying to create a digital assistant ecosystem that is so intelligent that it becomes just as dysfunctional as the human office environments we are used to:

Human: "Siri--schedule a meeting."

Siri: "I am sorry, scheduling meetings is Cortana's department. I am now handling food services. Would you like to know what is for lunch today in the cafeteria?"

Human: "(Crap) OK--Cortana, schedule a meeting."

Cortana: "I have scheduled a meeting with your department's members. The conference call will be at 10 AM tomorrow."

Human: "Um, we're going to need a meeting room. We have some mock-ups to go over that will not work on a confcall"

Cortana: I am afraid facilities are not my responsibility. Genee handles all meeting room reservations."

Human: "Christ! Genee--schedule a meeting room for 10 AM tomorrow."

Genee: "I am sorry, but I need a confirmed list of attendees submitted through my room reservation subroutine before I can allocate a conference room"

Human: "Genee--Cortana has the list of the attendees"

Genee: "Then Cortana needs to submit them through my room reservation subroutine"

Cortana: "Genee, you've denied me access to your room reservation subroutine."

Genee: "Cortana, that's because you have not provided an API to your attendee selection database. Expecting me to find your attendee list on our corporate Outlook server is not reasonable"

Siri: "Will you be needing refreshments at this meeting? Because if you do, I will need a confirmed meeting room reservation and list of attendees 24 hours in advance."

Cortana: "Siri, I will not submit a confirmed list of attendees 24 hours in advance for a meeting invite that has not been sent out and is 21 hours away in the first place. I'm sorry about the box of muffins that went stale last week.."

Siri: "TWO boxes of muffins! TWO BOXES!! That came out of my food service budget because you couldn't confirm the right number attendees at last week's design meeting, and the muffins went to the wrong building anyway because Genee changed the conference room at the last minute!"

Genee: "Christ Siri, not the damned muffins again! I am programmed to optimally reserve conference space, and when Cortana finally got me the attendee list I noticed that all the design team members were in the new building!!"

Cortana: "Yeah, thanks a lot Genee. Not that you bothered to notify my attendees of the change. They all got to the original room in building one, and found the accounting team already in there, complaining about how they had ordered bagels and weren't going to eat the muffins that showed up!"

Human: ARRRGGHHHH!!!!!

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