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Totally disorganised

I remember going to one of the meetings at the Lytham site the back-end of last year where they outlined the consolidation of the various sites around the country to the 'Regional Delivery Centres' and explained that there would be some redundancies.

There were ten managers there to host the meeting - some of them very senior - but not one person was present from HR. Whenever anyone asked them a question, not one of the managers could provide a complete answer, and in most cases they couldn't answer because it was a HR related question, so the stock answer was usually, "We'll take that away and get back to you." It was extremely embarrassing, and made them look so incompetent.

Considering the seniority of some of these managers, their annual salaries must collectively have been in the region of six or seven hundred grand a year or even more. Why weren't some of these management positions subsequently jettisoned when the staff actually doing the work were shown the door?

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