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Those who never use packaged apps will not miss them. For those who do it will require some thinking on how to rework things for non-Chrome OS users. Developing for Chrome OS made sense when packaged apps also catered for cross platform deployment, but when that is gone it is likely to be back to native app development and tough luck for Chrome OS users.

Precisely. The worst part of this is the network effect it will have on ChromeOS, which needs a packaged app ecosystem of some sort to be credible. Maybe native offline web apps is the replacement, but I'm afraid it'll probably be more along the lines of the ARC and Android portability.

Well, anyway, probably no more gamebooks for me for when the Internet isn't there on my ChromeBook for a bit. Guess I'll just have to turn to my iPhone for exactly the same apps, and pay more for the privilege.

Google is very good at this sort of thing, isn't it?

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