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1) Do you know social services usually can't force any adult to be followed but through a court order or the like? Sure, not long ago this guy instead of a SOP would have been sent for some time into a mental illness clinic...

2) There are cases when a doctor *must* act even if the patient doesn't approve - think, for example, a risky epidemic illness which requires quick treatment and containment. They can also usually act if the patient is an imminent risk for him/herself or others. It's pretty incredible, for example, how suicide is still not allowed and often denied in spite of evidence in our society (especially when you're famous, it's always just a mistake)

We don't know how the interview with the doctor went, and what triggered his or her reaction. Maybe a true believe a crime has been committed, or was about to be committed, was created. It could be very difficult to deal with these kind of people - and understand how far they are really capable to go and materialize their fantasies. You can decided not to act, and if something happens, deal with the remorse you could have stopped it, or to act, and maybe it is still a mistake. I won't blame the doctor too much.

Sure, the restraining order could be quite ridiculous, but put yourself in the shoes of people who have to deal with such kind of people...

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