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Sex ban IT man loses appeal – but judge labels order 'unpoliceable'

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it's totally unacceptable that they have now placed him in a position where he has no work, no home, and no prospects.

- I'd have thought that putting someone on that footing would be a guarantee of future offences, all you'd have left would be any fantasies, and not a lot left to loose. Prevention? it sounds more like putting someone in a situation where they are more likely to exacerbate any issues rather than minimise so you can lock him away quicker, dust your hands and say 'see, we knew he was a risk' and ask for more powers.

Justice is depicted as blindfolded for impartiality, I get the feeling the new theory goes justice is blind because police, judges and other authorities poked her in the eyes so they could give the suspect a good kicking and she wouldn't see. Meanwhile the monkeys in Westminister are doing the three monkeys and flinging poo at eachother as usual.

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