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> would you consider this innocent patient to be a safeguarding risk and expect the GP to make a judgement in their 10 minute slot

Thank you for your straw man.

Just to say, public health is not a career for everyone. Yes, you do get to treat people you strongly dislike, sometimes in situations that you find emotionally repulsive¹, but that's what you sign up for. It's not easy at all--I've got that t-shirt--but if you can't do it you should get out. The profession does not need you.

¹ As an example, I did have to treat a complete idiot who caused a drunk driving accident once, in preference to his victims. Given the extent of their respective injuries and available resources, and given that our goal was to preserve life, regardless of whosever it was, we made the choice that our protocol dictated. I'd certainly smash his face if I come across him on the street, but I am proud of my team's ethical fortitude and adherence to professional conduct.

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