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WordPerfect became part of a suite with Quattro that was already better than 1-2-3 and for a while close to Excel. Just they ended in Corel hands, while Lotus ended in IBM hands. Both utter disasters. I tried for a while to avoid to use Office, tried first Lotus Suite (running OS/2 then, but had to run the Win 3.1 version...), then when it became clear OS/2 wasn't going anywhere I tried the Corel Suite - I had to surrender (WordPerfect couldn't run on NT4 crashing here and there, Quattro had no issues... you see their heritage), eventually. Both were unusable for professional work, and especially Lotus adopted the Notes ugly UI across all its products, making them truly uncomfortable to use. Its WYSIWYG was a joke. Really, with such competitors Microsoft didn't need much to make them disappear, they truly worked to commit suicide.

There's a reason why we are not using Netware and PerfectOffice, believe me, and it's not all because MS unfair activities. You can't really sell bad software, all you can do is only give it away for free.

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