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*He* didn't think he may have raped someone, *his GP* did. He was describing his FANTASY but she took it as an accurate report of something he had actually done. Or may have done, possibly - she wasn't sure but decided to err on the side of caution.

"Better to be safe than certain" is a valid reason to report him but when they found no evidence that he had committed a crime in the real world then they had no reason to treat him in this way. And, as other commenters have noted, all this does is stop other people seeking help in case they get the same sort of reaction.

Would O'Neill really have killed or seriously injured someone other than in his own mind? We will never know, but how many people are killed or seriously injured by idiots who drive under the influence of drink or drugs and how many of us think we can get away with that? But I bet those of you who do won't be handing in your car keys any time soon...

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