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Sex ban IT man loses appeal – but judge labels order 'unpoliceable'

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vain, manipulative, grandstanding

So the judge says - “I have found Mr O’Neill to be a vain, manipulative and grandstanding individual who sought to persuade me that black is white and used the valuable time of professionals to describe sexual fantasies he may or may not have. There is a narcissistic streak to Mr O’Neill, who does trouble me in terms of further contact he may have with other people.”

Last time I checked, it wasn't illegal (just annoying) to be grandstanding, vain, narcissistic and to argue that black was white. If it were, half the people I've worked with would be locked up. None of these seem particularly relevant to the judgement, beyond telling me the judge didn't like him. As for wasting the valuable time of professionals... this will be professionals which he had expressed concern about his own behaviour to, or had asked him when evaluating his mental state? Doesn't this seem to indicate a need for treatment? Either because he was concerned his actions may go/went too far or because of being detached from reality and living in a fantasy (if they deemed what he said wasn't true)?

Oh wait no, that is expensive, much easier to just throw him in an asylum. Oh no, we don't have those anymore so we'll put a civil order in which does pretty much the same but not have to pay for the pesky need to house our "undesirables".

He maybe a dangerous and deranged individual indeed, but if he is and lacks impulse control, is it really going to stop him, or make him bottle it all up til something really bad happens?

The outcome of whats happened so far feels to me like a dangerous erosion of civil liberties but without actually protecting anyone... it just makes him easier to lock up after anything happens.

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