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"The penetration of the 556 round is dependant on the target...." Not just that, but also the weapon it is fired from. The old NATO 5.56mm SS109 bullet was designed for longer-barreled rifles, which was great until the US forces started standardizing on the M4 carbine. The new RG round's development may be because the UK does want an "environmentally-friendly" round, but doesn't want the US's new M885A1 round, which is optimized for the M4's shorter barrel.

The M885A1 has a steel penetrator nose and an all-copper base, the steel nose helping with penetration of hardened targets. It also has "added lethality" in that, when it hits a soft target and the bullet decelerates, the soft copper base's momentum pushes it against the steel nose and the round mushrooms, enlarging the wound channel. I suspect the new RG steel round will perform better in the majority of NATO rifles which, like the SA80, have longer barrels than the M4 carbine, and will be cheaper than the copper M885A1, but the M885A1 will be more lethal.

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